The Debiopharm Inartis Challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Debiopharm Inartis Challenge ?

This challenge is a business idea competiton with an aim to promote innovation in the field of hospital patient care. The goal of this challenge is to accelerate innovative projects and their commercialization.

2. Why Debiopharm and not any other pharmaceutical company is organizing this challenge?

The cause is of high interest to Debiopharm as the company finds innovation in the patient care sector a challenging and highly relevant issue.

3. Why Fondation Inartis and not any other supporting foundation is organizing this challenge?

Fondation Inartis is lead by top professionals aiming to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. It has extensive experience in particular in Pharma, Biotech and Medtech areas.

4. What are the criteria on which the projects will be selected?

The project should be innovative, feasible, preferably linked with Academia and/or the Industry, and have an impact on the end-user and have a potential socioeconomic impact.

5. When is the deadline to submit the projects?

The projects should be submitted by 30th April 2018 23:59.

6. What is the planning and timeline of the Challenge?

April 30, 2018: Project submission deadline
May 2018: Announcement of the winning projects
Autumn 2018: Final pitch and Award ceremony

7. What are the prizes?

The prize money amount to CH50’000. CHF25’000 will be awarded to the winner and the rest of the money will be distributed between the finalists. Additionally Fondaiton Inartis will provide support and coach the projects close to commercialization.

8. Who is the jury?

The jury is composed of Ariane Dayer (Le Matin Dimanche), Dimitri Djordjevic (Clinique de la Source), Bertrand Kiefer (Editions Médecine and Hygiène), Karin Perraudin (Groupe Mutuel), Daniel Walch (GHOL), David Deperthes (President of the jury).

9. What is the acceleration/implementation program?

Fondation Inartis has a network of more than 20000 professionals and offers support for entrepreneurs in coaching, licensing, hosting and access to investors. The winning projects will be able to profit from this infrastructure in order to accelerate their product development.

10. Are there any other Challenge in the making?

More information soon.

11. How many projects will be selected for the Challenge?

Depending on the number of submitted projects and their quality between 3 to 5 projects will be selected for the acceleration.

12. What is the media coverage of the Challenge?

The Challenge will be featured in multiple newspapers including the student newspapers on the campus (to increase the awareness of young professionals) additionally the Challenge will receive social media coverage and will be mentioned in the news of Republic of Innovation, the leading Life Science blog in the Health Valley.

13. Will the winning projects have a chance to meet investors?

Yes, Fondation Inartis provides such services as the access to the investors and have a number of venture capitalists in its network.

14. How is the Challenge different from other existing business idea/start-up competitions?

Currently no business idea competition addresses the patient care area. Additionally the Challenge aims to answer this issue with new solutions from a broad range of people, not with existing start-ups.

15. Why do we need such a Challenge?

The quality of patient care in Switzerland is extremely high, however being in a hospital for a long time can be psychologically challenging and potentially even cause depression. Activities oriented to entertain and stimulate the patients can have q high impact on the recovery rate. Thus, our Challenge aims to improve the overall quality of patients care, and make the time in the hospital more pleasant for them to achieve a better and faster recovery.

16. What are the possible long-term outcomes of the Challenge?

The most likely outcome is the development of new technologies and activities improving the patient’s stay in the hospital.

17. Are the Universities (EPFL, UNIL, CHUV, HUG. etc.) involved in the Challenge?

We are accepting applications of young professionals and encourage students and employees of Universities and Research Centers in Switzerland to submit their ideas and projects to the Challenge.

18. Where will the events take place?

The announcement of the 4 nominees will take place in the office of Debiopharm. The location of the award ceremony will be announced at a later date.

19. Is the government involved in this project?

Fondation Inartis is in a close contact and collaboration with multiple cantonal governmental organizations that support entrepreneurship. In case of interest they can support the promising projects.

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