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The purpose of this project is to help the elderly get up and prevent them from falling back with a simple mechanical solution.


Oriane Perryman-Holt, Muhammad Atif, Mohamed Redad, Mohamed Jerad, Andre Cepeda, Joyce Tsuchiya, Rafael Freixo and Garance Krengel

Pain point

The difficulty of getting up and the apprehension of falling back at this key moment, are real problems for the elderly and the patients postoperatively. This reduces their self-confidence and autonomy.

Market opportunity

Main target: people over 55 years old who have difficulty moving.

Europe: 51 million people

Switzerland: 1 million people

Next steps

The project team plans to target other market segments including post-cardiac surgery and post-operative patients for orthopedic disorders. They will have to prepare the industrialization of their product which is today at the stage of functional prototype.

Visual of the current design

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