The Debiopharm Inartis Challenge

“Who can change the world in which we live?”

2017 Laureates

 «KidsE» submitted by Barbara Wildhaber and Valérie McLin, doctors at HUG in Geneva and professors of Centre Suisse des Maladies du Foie de l’Enfant, is a serious game, available on computers or tablets, allowing kids or teenagers who are transplanted or are in the process of being so, to control their disease and medical file to get a better follow-up. Its purpose is to empower young patients to optimize the success rate of transplantations. This model could forward be applied to other types of transplantation and even other chronic diseases.

“It has been more than 5 years that we started working daily with families, caregivers and technical specialists to develop a personalised application, which would allow to deal at this critical age of transition for hepatic transplanted patients” says Valérie McLin. “Thanks to the Debiopharm-Inartis Challenge prize, we will be able to use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of other paediatric populations affected by chronic diseases” adds Barbara Wildhaber.


«Tremor» driven by Jonathan Poisard and accompanied in its development by Inartis Foundation consists in helping patients who are suffering from chronic tremors to drink without spilling the liquid from the glass and without needing a straw. This project has been initiated by a group of MBA students as part of a 1-week workshop dedicated to innovation and organised by IMD in collaboration with UniverCité in Renens, and under the supervision of Dr. Cyril Bouquet, professor in innovation strategy.

“This project started with a complex and costly technological solution to finally become a financially accessible prototype with broader potential applications” explains Benoît Dubuis, President of Inartis Foundation. “The external support that was first designed has given way to an internal matrice which adapts to any types of glass and which could help patients with Parkinson’s disease for example”.

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