The Debiopharm Inartis Challenge

“Who can change the world in which we live?”

2016 Laureates

The «5th wall» submitted by Constantinos Hoursoglou, Alban Thomas and Sabine André, is a flexible and organic screen suspended above the beds of patients in hospitals. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of life of patients on a daily basis while preserving their intimate sphere.


Since their nomination as finalists, the trio of CHAT&SA were able to use the expertise of Clinique de La Source in Lausanne to understand the architectural, technical, hygienic and material constraints of the project. They have further partnered with companies that are very excited to develop the product like Dupont, EuropSails and Somfy.

«Hello Mask»
submitted by Sacha Sidjanski, is a prototype of a transparent mask for hospital attendees. Its purpose is to enhance the communication between patients, friends and family, and the healthcare personnel. The project was born out of a meeting between Sasha Sidjanski and Diane Baatard, a storyteller for hospitalized children.

Since their nomination as finalists, the team «Hello Mask», based in the EssentialTech Centre of EPFL, reached out to EMPA, the Swiss Institute of Materials in St. Gallen and obtained compelling results with specific materials. Besides this scientific validation, they added a member to their team who has a vast industrial and regulatory experience in the domain of masks for hospitals.


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